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A few tidbits this morning:

I finally remembered to measure my Peanuts calendar cross-stitch pieces. All but one would fit in a 4x6 frame, but I'm looking for uniformity, so I'm probably going to go with 5x7 frames. I checked out some at, but I didn't see anything that struck my fancy. There's no rush to decide on frames now, considering that I have 8+ pieces to finish still, but it's good to know what my options are.

Speaking of cross-stitch, I finished stocking #5 and started stocking #6 last night. I'll probably work on it some more this week and definitely some this weekend (while Steve's at work). I'm on track to finish it by month's end.

It seems that John (my landlord's son) has been spending additional time at the house since the "Frank wandering outside" incident last week. It's comforting, in a way, but very sad at the same time. When I moved in (in July 1999), Frank was driving the local library's bookmobile and dropping off books to elderly shut-ins. Now, he's one of those shut-ins.

My sleep schedule is getting back on track. Now, if I could only STOP spooking myself at night so I can get to sleep earlier, I'd be a happier woman.

At 2 p.m. Eastern, the 2003 inductee class of the National Baseball Hall of Fame will be announced. I have my fingers crossed for one or two men in particular. (Veterans Committee selections will be announced late next month.)

After work tonight, I'm going to see Harry Potter 2. That's two movies at the theatre in under a month. Someone call Ripley's!


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